Process Technology Development & Licensing

ICN has a fully equipped state of the art Process Intensification Laboratory (PIL) for developing membrane and hybrid processes.

  • Process conceptualization, simulations and design

  • Techno-Commercial Feasibility Studies

  • Treatability Studies (Performance & Stability)

  • Technology demonstration

Our PIL includes

  • Bench scale & pilot scale membrane units, conventional mass transfer units (distillation, extraction etc.)

  • Analytical equipment (GC, Karl Fischer etc.)

  • Process simulators

PTD – Application Units

Custom Designed Processes & Process Licensing

ICN offers custom designed processes to meet specific requirements of clients. Sophisticated design tools (simulators, design software and modeling software) and well qualified and experienced staff support development of new processes.

  • Process Design

  • Basic Engineering

  • Performance Guarantee

Plant Support Services

Plant Services: To help our customers achieve a high onstream factor, we offer, in most geographies, the following services

  • Operations & maintenance Training (Systems + Proprietary)
  • Extended warranty Services
  • Extended Guarantee Services
  • Troubleshooting

Technology Services

Technology Services: To enable our customers to get the maximum by leveraging our technologies and expertise we offer the following:

  • Remote Performance Monitoring
  • Process Optimization
  • Membrane Training


There are numerous commercially viable membrane system designs that are based on various types of membrane process modes, membrane media and insert formats. Oftentimes, the fundaments and capabilities of membranes are not well disseminated and therefore, poorly understood. ICN, led by its Founder & membrane technology specialists, offer to train academia and working professionals so they may make an informed choice on use of membranes.