We are molecular separations specialists focused on process intensification and sustainability. We have a wide range of commercially proven technologies and more are under development that are built around proprietary materials.

Hybrid Technologies

Membrane Hybrid with each other and with existing unit operations such as Distillation, Adsorption, Salting-Out, Crystallization and Extraction.

Zeolites Evolution – Structure 

Zeolites are crystalline, microporous, hydrated aluminosilicates containing alkali or alkaline – earth metals mainly, sodium (Na), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), and calcium (Ca).

M : Cation viz. Na, K, Mg, Ca etc.

n : Valence

w: Number of water molecules

y/x : Si/Al ratio

The commercial zeolite that we offer is LTA type or called A Type

Zeolites Evolution – Chronological Developments

Chronological Developments

Ref: G. Ferey Chem. Mater., 13 (10), 3084 -3098, 2001.

Zeolites Evolution – Physical Form

Adsorbent(Powder, Bead)



Composite (with Organic Materials)


Membranes (Films)

Self Supporting


Composite (with Organic Materials)


Separation Fundamentals -ZeoSep LTA

Structure of Zeolite LTA-type

Nature: Hydrophilic

Pore Size: 0.4 nm

Separation Fundamentals – Cross Section

Separation Fundamentals – ZeoSep LTA

  • Zeolite “A” is the most hydrophilic Zeolite (due to the Si/Al ratio of 1.0)

  • Pore size of Zeolite A ~ 0.4 nm (4 A)

High Flux and High Selectivity for

Organics Dehydration Applications

Separation Fundamentals – ZeoSep

The separation occurs using the Adsorption – Diffusion Mechanism

Zeolite Membrane Tube

  • Zeolite Membranes may be used in different modes for molecular separation

  • Vapor Permeation (VP)

  • Pervaporation (PV)

Process Schematics – Technologies : Hydrophilic Vapor Permeation(ZeoSep VP)

Industrial Process Solutions – ZeoSep

  • Breaking Solvent-Water azeotropes without entrainers in manufacturing processes (Ethanol, IPA, THF, ACN, Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate etc.)
  • Replacing Solvent-Water Pinched Distillation
  • Removal of water from reaction mixtures to shift equilibrium
  • Drying heat sensitive solvents (volatile and high boiling)

Remove water from solvents without worrying about vapor liquid equilibrium (VLE) and dry at low temperatures without subjecting the entire system volume to vaccum

PolyGSep VP

Separation Fundamentals – PolyGSep

Process Schematics – Technologies : Hydrophilic Vapor Permeation(PolyGSep VP)

Industrial Process Solutions – PolyGSep

  • Replacing Solvent-Water & Solvent-MeOH Pinched Distillations

  • Breaking Solvent-Water & Solvent-MeOH Azeotropes without Entrainers In Manufacturing Processes

Remove Water & MeOH from Solvents without worrying about VLE

We offer numerous hybrid processing technologies that are optimized for leveraging the maximum potential of a unit operation and integrate them to offer the lowest possible production cost. Some technologies are patented, many others are under patents and some are proprietary.

  • DM2 – Patented DM2 Process

Patent No. US 8425734B2 and US 8628642B2

  • Various combinations of distillation, adsorption and other open art unit operations with PV and VP.